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Stitching and Embroidery Studio
          The leader of studio -  - Natalya Pritkova
       The mission of this studio is to collect and learn from the ancient handicraft skills and techniques still surviving in remote villages across Russia, and to teach them to young people ensuring their continuance and survival as part of the culture.
        An example of this is the traditional form of embroidery, which we now teach to young people in several Russian cities.
        Embroidery was a well known craft in Russia since the earliest times. This ancient handicraft, an essential skill for women, incorporated mythological motifs illustrating the nature of the world. And in this way, we commence our struggle to preserve the beauty and wisdom of our ancestors for today's Russian people.
The napkin
Pritkova Natalya Alekseevna
The napkin
Master Spiridonova Seraphima Yakovlevna
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