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Slavic Pisanka-Eggs Studio
       Slavic Pisanka-eggs are, as the name in Russian suggests, eggs covered with beautiful, colourful designs. This ancient tradition has been passed from generation to generation and, according to fairy tales and myths, the designs on the eggs are a record of ancient knowledge about the world, its structure and laws.       
        Our ancestors believed that pisanka eggs opened the heart for love, lent the power of fertility, protected against illnesses and catastrophe, bestowed beauty and wealth, and increased the hope of a happy marriage and a bountiful harvest.
        Today, we are familiar with the tradition of painted eggs for Easter, but in earlier times the pisanka-egg was an ever-present part of a person's life, from birth till death. A baby's first toy was a pisanka-egg. It seems strange to us that a young child would be given such a fragile object to play with. In previous times, however, parents gave them to their babies to demonstrate the fragility of our world and to learn how to be considerate and careful of all the things in it.
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