- Exhibition "Russian Doll in France"

- Festival International Geografic in France
Zapovednik of Folk Life Participated in the International Geography Festival
from the 7th  to the 10th of October 2010 in Sant-Di-de-Voge, France

Russian Consul General in France, Mr K.V. Klimovsky, invited Zapovednik to take part in the FIG Festival, as a contribution to the cultural activities of Year 2010, which had been declared the Year of Russia in France and the Year of France in Russia.
        Zapovednik's exhibition «Russian Folk Doll in France» found a warm welcome at the Toy Museum in Colmar, France and stayed there from April till September 2010. Due to the great public interest in the exhibition, we were invited to present our exposition at the FIG Festival  (International Geography Festival) and also to perform traditional  Russian songs and dances.
        After arriving at our destination, the Cathedral Square of Sant-Di-de-Vog, we started the show. 
We were the children's favourites! They were constantly with us, bringing their friends, family and schoolmates, playing traditional Russian games. Children and adults danced reels, jumped the rope and played fun games.
Even Russia's Ambassador in France Mr Alexander Konstantinovich Orlov played  «Odnoruchka» (traditional Russian balancing game on the log) with Zapovednik's Director, which immediately captured the media's attention. The next day the photographs of these games appeared in several articles of the local press.
We wore traditional Russian clothes, which fascinated the guests of the Festival. I particularly remember one day of the Festival: all the participants were having lunch  in the hall, and when we entered it, everyone saw us and started applauding.
People constantly visited us during the whole festival, especially on Sunday, which is actually the day French people normally reserve for their family.
It was our first experience as participants of an international festival. And we understood that people of different nationalities are deeply interested in traditional Russian culture.
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