17 April – 30 September
      The exhibition “The Russian dolls” has been opened in France 17-th April and it will be continue before 30-th September.
        We were invited for participating in this exhibition by Russian consul general in Stratsburg. The exhibition is located in “The Museum of toys” in Colmar, it is the second largest museum of toys in Europe.
        We have set a problem to show a bit of our Russian culture.
        The exhibition was organized in connection with “Year of Russia in France”. Zapovednik presents here our collection of Russian toys: Russian Traditional rag-doll, Mazik’s toy (wooden toy was made using a hatchet), and Pomors’s kozuli.
        Also “Vologda Historical and Architectural Museum” and the company “Tver pattern” take part here.
        On the opening we conducted masterclasses: Mazik’s toy and Russian rag-doll.
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