The Centre of Folk Heritage Zapovednik and the Handicrafts Studios
        Russian Folk Heritage Centre in Ivanovo, Zapovednik, has its own Handicrafts House and a Museum. Here we revive traditional Russian folk handicrafts. Our masters teach skills, study and learn more about the world in which  these traditional handicrafts evolved.
        Our studios' study programmes are based on the collections of the ethnographic expeditions into different parts of Russia. These workshops are living environments, in which we live, work, learn,  perfect different handicraft techniques and constantly collect ethographic knowledge from ongoing expeditions. We immediately endeavour to use all the results and materials in our studies and work.

        We are proud of our museum of rare objects from traditional folk life: ancient clothing, hand-woven and hand-embroidered items, antique kitchen utensils,  typical everyday objects, wooden handicrafts and ironmongery.
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